Vacation Ownership

Vacation Ownership

Evergreen Valley- Ariel ViewOwning a Timeshare at Evergreen allows you the flexibility to take your vacation when it is convenient to you. Becoming an Owner at Evergreen is like buying a vacation home but not having to maintain it year round; you only pay maintenance fees for the individual weeks that you own. The Staff at Evergreen can help you make the right choice for you and your family, helping you to chose the type of unit you need. The end result is by owning, not renting, you will have a Deed you can sell or will. Deeded units at Evergreen are deeded for life. And perhaps the most important reason… With timeshare ownership, you will vacation in places you would otherwise never think about if you had to pay retail. Owning a timeshare helps you plan your vacations, whether at your home resort or in another state or country.

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