cropped-evergreen-valley-inn.jpgVisit Maine! The Way Life Should Be!





Welcome to Evergreen Valley, bordering 2,200 acres of White Mountain National Forest in the heart of Maine’s wilderness. Your stay in this rustic country inn will provide you and your family an opportunity to enjoy an abundance of wildlife, as well as a variety of activities and attractions nearby.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, our Villas are closed this winter. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please be patient as we upgrade our property. We’ll keep you posted. Don’t be discouraged though. We have lots of room for you in the Inn!

Exciting News!

Our new maintenance man, Randy, is building platforms for the upstairs bedrooms in all the Innsbrook rooms. And, on top of all those new platform beds will be new mattresses! And…you will soon find flat screen televisions in all the rooms! Randy works fast so come check out all the new improvements at Evergreen Valley!



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